Human emotion and the capacity for abstraction are possibly expressed most powerfully in music and the playing of an instrument. Music is also of the gods, from the heavenly sounds on Mount Olympus to the harmony of the spheres that resounds in the universe.

BRASS is a ghost orchestra. The three sousaphones play themselves, and appear to be floating. The machines, automated instruments, are the source of the music in a place where man and the gods are no longer around. These sousaphones were developed by Decap, specialists in the creation of automated musical instruments. They ‘play’ passages based on a theme from the Japanese anime film Ghost in the Shell and works by Erik Satie. Their rotating movements create a slow-motion Doppler effect, whereby sounds sometimes come together and then move apart again. In BRASS, Kris Verdonck continues his research into theatre without performers. Given the increasing technologisation of society and the destruction resulting from war and climate change, the possibility of a world without people has never been so likely. The sound nevertheless has human features: breathing, blowing, ‘practising’ and warming up. The instruments are suspended in a dark room, in a perpetuum mobile – their material gleams, but the body they normally rest on is no longer there.
Concept & direction: Kris Verdonck

Dramaturgy: Kristof Van Baarle

Technical coordination: Jan Van Gijsel

Sound: Elise Boënnec

Musician: Stijn Aertgeerts

Production: A Two Dogs Company

Coproduction: Kaaitheater (BE), Festival de Keuze (NL)

With the support of: the Flemish Authorities, the Flemish Community Commission (VGC)
  • 2019
  • 2017
  • 2016
11 > 14/02
BE Brussels Kaaistudio's
15 > 17/03
NL Rotterdam Festival de Keuze
23/06 > 03/09
FR Le Havre Un été au Havre
02 > 09/11
NL 's-Hertogenbosch November Music
22/11 > 08/12
BE Kortrijk Klinkende Stad
  • - © Jasmijn Krol
  • - © Hendrik De Smedt
  • - © Anna Scholiers
  • - © Hendrik De Smedt