"At that moment the surrounding mountains began to shift in hasty obedience, then withdrew behind a curtain of fog. Although the avenues stood firm for a while and guarded the width of the road, then soon merged into one another: in the sky in front of the sun lay a huminid cloud with a delicately transparent edge in whose shade the country sank deeper and deeper…”

From: ‘Description of a Struggle’ by Franz Kafka
In SHELL, a firework that normally would be set off outdoors is ‘locked’ in a tall glass cupboard. Burning sparks fly around, exploding rockets hit the glass. The sound resembles the noise of a machine gun or a bomb. The forces that are now released are at their full power. It is the world’s end in miniature. We all watch this from a safe distance. We have everything under control…

SHELL is also part of the 'circuit performance' K, a Society (2010).
Concept & direction: Kris Verdonck
Dramaturgy: Marianne Van Kerkhoven (Kaaitheater)
Construction: Sylvain Spinoit
Pyro techniques: Jean-François Pierlot, Ralf Brunner
Production: A Two Dogs Company
Production manager: Hendrik De Smedt
Production assistent: Karolien De Bleser
Administrator: Han De Meulemeester
Co-production: Theater der Welt 2010 (DE), Transdigital (Interreg),  Kunstencentrum Vooruit (BE), Productiehuis Rotterdam / Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL), Kaaitheater (BE)
In partnership with: Schauspiel Essen (DE), Le manège.mons (BE) and Technocité (BE) in the frame of Transdigital
With the support of: the Flemish Authorities, the Flemish Community Commission (VGC), the Brussels Capital Region

  • 2011
  • 2010
26 > 27/02
BE Brussels Performatik [Kaaitheater]
23 > 26/06
NL Breda Chassé Theater
  • SHELL - © Luc Schaltin