BOGUS I-II-III // Kris Verdonck, A Two Dogs Company

10-23/05 KunstenfestivaldesArts 2019, Kanal/Centre Pompidou,


Is what we see really what it seems? The series BOGUS I-II-III consists of three variation on the same principle: they are each time enormous inflatable sculptures, made out of the black fabric characteristic of the theatre. These automated inflatable sculptures appear and disappear again into their respective boxes. Together, the three installations form a landscape of performative objects. They suggest a post-apocalyptic environment, after the end of humanity, when machines have continued without us and have taken proportions we couldn’t have imagined up until now. At the same time, they are sculptures an image of the alienation, the violence and the spectrality of a society in which everything has been turned into a commodified disposable. The size and ambiguous material of these sculptures turn the BOGUS series into a series of uncanny entities. Or as the Viennese philosopher Günther Anders would formulate it: we are so clueless and breathless when confronted with our own products, as if they were objects delivered to our homes, unsolicited, by inhabitants of a strange planet. 
Parallel to BOGUS I-II-III Kris Verdonck presents the performance Something (out of nothing) at Kaaitheater on 22 and 23 May 2019

BOGUS1 totaal donker
©César Abreu

SOMETHING (out of nothing) // A Production of  A Two Dogs Company (BE), ICK (NL) 

22-23/05 KunstenfestivaldesArts 2019, Kaaitheater, Brussels
24-25/05 Spring Festival, Stadsschouwbrug, Utrecht(NL)
14-17/08 Kampnagel, Hamburg(DE)

08/02/2020 Westrand, Dilbeek

Dance performance

What is the place of the human in a world in which ecological catastrophe and technology are fundamentally challenging this position? The new performance by Kris Verdonck explores the physical and mental state of being in the face of an impending extinction.
The combination of a merciless desire for profit and growth with technological developments, has reduced the human to a disposable object. Making the landscape in which we live inhabitable is the next step. What remains after social, economic and ecological elimination? The dancers wandering around in Something(out of nothing), are oftentimes not more than silhouettes or shadows. They are the ghosts that are the consequence of the destructive dynamics between humanity and the landscape, which in the performance is evoked by large inflatable sculptures, noise cello player Leila Bordreuil and a robot drum.
Parallel to the performance, one or more installations are presented in a museum context. Performative objects will create a similar environment in the white cube as they do in the black box. Theatre flows over into the museum and back.

Sunset Inferior Mirage
©Brocken Inaglory-Own work