BRASS: 23.06 > 03.09.2017 / / Smart Factory, Un été au Havre, Le Tetris, Le Havre (FR)

© Jasmijn Krol

Human emotion and the capacity for abstraction are possibly expressed most powerfully in music and the playing of an instrument. In the installation BRASS, three sousaphones play themselves and appear to be floating like a ghost orchestra. These automated instruments are the source of the music in a place where man and the gods are no longer around. In BRASS, Kris Verdonck continues his research into theatre without performers. Watch the trailer here

EXIT: 11 > 12.08.2017 / / FAR° Festival des Arts Vivants, Nyon (CH)

© Hendrik De Smedt

EXIT is the title of a research project that Kris Verdonck carried out together with dancer and choreographer Alix Eynaudi. In a traditional theatre set-up, using all the media at the theatre’s disposal, what influence can we have on the sensory perceptions of an audience? To what extent are artists capable of manipulating the spectator’s consciousness (and subconscious) using these theatrical means? Watch the trailer here.

I/II/III/IIIIProduction ICK, A Two Dogs Company
31.10 / / De Meervaart, Amsterdam (NL)
21.11 / / Stadsschouwburg, Nijmegen (NL)

28.11 / / Junushoff, Wageningen (NL)
30.11 / / Parktheater, Eindhoven (NL)
02.12 / / Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht (NL)

KV2editAnna web
© Alwin Poiana

Kris Verdonck presents, ten years after its original creation, an adaptation of I/II/III/IIII with dancers pertaining to the International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK). Four identical female dancers hang like marionettes in a huge machine. The images evoked by I/II/III/IIII are confusing, many-layered and ambiguous: they remind us of the white birds in Swan Lake, of animal carcasses being dragged along, of hovering angels, falling human bodies and everything in between. Watch the trailer here