IN VOID: 28.04 > 06.05.2017 / / Donaufestival, Krems (AT)

    Ghostlight JonElwood LR web
    © Jon Ellwood

    The installations that make up IN VOID function as Brechtian ghosts of the future: they embody the seeds of future disasters, which traces are already outlined now. Wandering around in this obscure world full of surprising machines, objects and images, you can't help but ask yourself: What does a world without people look like? Perhaps a theater, for which this presence is a condition sine qua non, is thé place to consider human absence? Watch the trailer here.

    I/II/III/IIII: 05 > 06.05.2017 / / De Meervaart, Amsterdam (NL) / / Production ICK 

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    © Alwin Poiana

    In May, Kris Verdonck will present an adaptation of I/II/III/IIII (2007) with dancers pertaining to the International Choreographic Arts Centre (ICK). Four identical female dancers hang like marionettes in a huge machine. Together with them, Verdonck generates a choreography: a solo, a duet, a trio and a pas de quatre. I/II/III/IIII will be included in the repertoire of ICK. An international tour is anticipated from November 2017 on. Watch the trailer here

    WORKSHOP The Metamorphosis of a Text: 09 > 12.05 & 15 > 18.05.2017 / / International Forum, Theatertreffen, Berliner Festspiele (DE)


    Most of Kris Verdonck's oeuvre is produced through a specific methodological approach, developed by Marianne Van Kerkhoven and Kris Verdonck. A text is often used as a point of reference from which dramaturgical content is developed. In the end, the original text has often completely vanished. During the International Forum, Verdonck and his dramaturge Kristof Van Baarle will explore the transformation of a text into different art forms based on the science fiction short story The Secret History of World War 3 by J.G. Ballard.