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    The spread of the COVID-19 virus is a fact. We wish everyone a home to spend these weird days and hope that you and your loved ones will stay healthy. Even more respect for cashiers, taxi drivers, medical personnel… Imagine this situation without them.


    Maybe this is a time to enjoy…time. So hereby some full recordings of “END” , Conversations ( at the end of the world) and one of our personal favourites: “UNTITLED”. Enjoy!


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    CONVERSATIONS (at the end of the world) //

    kfda08 END Catherine Antoine-2
    END //

    Luc Schaltin
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    Recordings : Jan Bosteels/Beeldstorm

    Machine Made Silence. The Art of Kris Verdonck brings together an array of essays written by leading scholars in the field of theatre and performance studies and a series of interviews, performance texts, notes on particular works, as well as an extensive overview of Verdonck’s oeuvre. Rich in images, the book also includes drawings and sketches, opening up the creative process. The question that fueled this book is that of how to make work today. How can we characterize ‘today’ and how can art relate to that? Looking at the work of Kris Verdonck, tensions come to the fore between humans and machines, between life and death, between the now and the end, between visual arts and performing arts, between something and nothing.

    Machine Made Silence. The Art of Kris Verdonck
    Edited by Peter Eckersall and Kristof van Baarle
    With a preface by Guy Gypens and texts by Maaike Bleeker, Andy Lavender, Charlotte De Somviele, Peter Eckersall, Edward Scheer, Tawny Andersen, a.o.
    Performance Research Books, Aberystwyth, UK
    204 p. - 49 color images

    The book is available here

    Machine Made Silence cover