©Zhu Naizheng


In ACT, Kris Verdonck explores various aspects of the relation between the human on the verge of disappearing in the work of Samuel Beckett. ACT approaches Beckett in three ways: with a monologue with Beckett texts (Stories and texts for nothing), performed by Johan Leysen, with a scientist, invited to react to Beckett and with an autonomous scenography, a possible landscape for a Beckett text.
The variety and multidisciplinary approach reflect the complexity of Beckett’s work and are at the same time an attempt to literally take apart this complexity. The triptych of Science, theatre and high-tech show, as in three acts, each a different facet of the diamond ‘Beckett’. They deepen each other’s experience: a particular way of performing brings a scientific insight to life and vice versa, a performative scenography zooms in on the underlying world of or perhaps after the actor and offers a more contemplative experience.

Beckett’s Stories and Texts for Nothing (1946-1952) are the basis for this evening. This collection of short stories and texts each time deals with an older man on an impossible search for his place in the outside world, as well as in his inner world. Since his death, technology, which interested Beckett deeply, has led to the steep expansion of a part of society he was profoundly invested in, namely that of the eliminated, the marginalized. What place remains for us, in a world in which we are not only increasingly replaced by machines, but which is also moving towards inhabitability, caused by our own doing?

Kris Verdonck / A Two Dogs Company & Het Zuidelijk Toneel